Giselle's Chakradance sessions are amazing! She creates such a safe space where I feel comfortable to "let go" and just let my body move however it needs to process whatever is going on in my life that needs to shift. There are times when I can't stop laughing because I'm just so happy, but other … Continue reading Sandra


I will be back without a doubt every time Giselle is holding one of these amazing dances...my word entering the circle was Lost, and leaving I felt truly Lifted. Exactly what I needed and I love how she acted purely on intuition for the format of last nights dance. I had a release through crying … Continue reading Kayla


I attended my second Chakradance with Giselle last night and the release I felt during and after was amazing. The emotions that surfaced and I was able to let go of through my movement and dance have left my body less tense and my thoughts a little clearer this morning......if you have been thinking of … Continue reading Bronie


I had a taster of Giselle's Chakradance at the Red Tent Retreat, this year, and I was blessed to have won a ticket for myself & a friend to attend last night's Full Moon Sagittarius Sacral Chakradance. There are so many words to describe it; at the Retreat, I felt a flow and openness, within … Continue reading Emma


The music was amazing and moving and Giselle created a safe space to dance freely and without inhibition. Spiritually, emotionally and physically rewarding.


Thankyou Giselle for an amazing night, it was very freeing and exactly what I needed. Seeing the change in all of the women (including me) from the beginning to the end was so inspiring, and I'm looking forward to the next one!


I loved the whole experience of Chakradance with Giselle. From the anticipation as I waited to be smudged and welcomed to the the Full Moon Chakradance Circle, sitting and sharing with like-minded women, being gently guided by Giselle to move through each chakra, it was all perfect. After immersing myself in the gentle moving meditation … Continue reading Kim


I absolutely love what Giselle offers through Chakradance.  I love the opportunity to feel myself balancing through dance, with such powerful world music.  Divine dancing and space held for us beautifully by Giselle!


Chakradance Awakening Cycle with Giselle's gentle guided meditations and well selected music was one of the best chakra opening experiences I have ever had. Giselle is a knowable, gentle and caring teacher. I can't wait do some more chakra dancing and mandala drawings with her in the future.


Giselle is a gorgeous creature, she holds space beautifully and she is passionate about healing through dance and movement