What do I wear, bring along?
Wear loose, comfortable clothing that you can move freely in. We usually dance in bare feet. And remember to bring a bottle of water.

Can I do Chakradance when I don’t have any dance training or experience?
You don’t need any dance experience or training to participate in a Chakradance class or workshop. The dance is your own free-form spontaneous expression of the energy of each chakra. Anyone and everyone can Chakradance.

Is there a particular way of dancing?
The spontaneous movements that you create will take you where you need to go. There is no need to force or try to simulate some pre-determined thought of how the dance is ‘supposed’ to be or look. If you let your body guide you rather than trying to guide your body, Chakradance will have a better chance to take you to centre of each chakra and unfold the mystery of your own presence and power.

I don’t know anything about the chakras, can I still come?
Of course! It really doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything about the chakras. Although we do provide information about the chakras throughout the classes and workshops, Chakradance is all about experiencing your chakras. The classes will provide you with an embodied understanding of the chakra system, and you will learn to work with your chakras in practical ways.

What age group is Chakradance for?
Chakradance is for everyone from young adults through to old-age. As each participant finds their own dance, you can move as softly or energetically as you like. Each person can take it at their own pace and fitness level.

What experience am I likely to have during the dance?
It is best to come to the dance without expectation. You will have a range of different experiences, and it may be different each time you dance it. You may feel the energy of the chakras in a very physical way and by listening to the wisdom of your body, you might find that you receive insights and guidance on what is needed for each chakra right now. Often when we begin to stir the energy of a chakra, emotions and feelings that we have buried inside begin to gently unfold. This is all a natural part of the process of energy shifting, and it is best if you can simply let the process unfold without judging it or trying to change things. We also store memory energy within chakras and old memories often surface during the dance. Trust, let go and let the dance lead you to where you need to go.