Chakras some say are energy centres in your body that spin like wheels of light. Others say each chakra reflects a different aspect of your life or personality. Natalie Southgate (the Creator of Chakradance) describes the seven major chakras as; “Energetic gateways through which the body, mind and spirit come together and literally embody your soul.”

While these insights provide helpful information it is my belief the best way to deepen your knowledge about your own chakras (what are they, what they do or how you can influence their energy) is though direct experience. I believe that from direct experience comes self-knowledge and gaining self-knowledge develops inner wisdom.  With inner wisdom you can understand the landscapes of your chakras and know how to influence their energy to benefit yourself and others.


Paths to Wisdom?

There are many paths, Chakradance is but one. CHAKRADANCE™ is a well-being movement practice. It uses spontaneous dance, to specific chakra-resonant music, guided imagery and mandala art creation. Chakradance was founded in London in 1998 by Sydney-born Natalie Southgate, who combined her training and expertise in dance, psychology and chakra healing.  When you choose to engage in a journey of self-discovery into the energy of each of your major chakras through Chakradance practice; seven different worlds within begin to emerge. Each world or chakra like seven different facets of yourself. Each chakra with its own landscape that includes; its own stories, lessons, emotions. sensations and meanings unique to you. Every Chakradance workshop is an opportunity to follow your intuition in exploring these inner landscapes and building your inner wisdom.


Is Chakradance with Giselle for me?

Yes; If you’re ready to be your own guru. In Chakradance workshops with Giselle you are your own guru, self-healer and meaning maker. I support you to explore your sacred space within; to deepen your connection with your intuition and discover your own truths, insights and wisdom.

Yes; if you’re looking for a practice that has depth and explores multiple dimensions simultaneously. Making time to come to Chakradance workshops is likely to be good for your health, helpful to your mood and a great way to release pent up stress and emotion. You are also likely to experience a connection to your inner wisdom, soul or higher self. From this place of connection all things are possible.

Yes; if you’re looking to do your dance your way. Your dance is your improvisation in sacred space. I hold the space … you improvise. There are no right moves or wrong moves. Just by showing up and remaining as present (as possible) with the practice of Chakradance you will deepen your knowledge and gain insights to support you in influencing the energy of your chakras.


How do I hold space (what to expect from Giselle)?

I create a contained space for you both emotionally and energetically. Over the last fifteen years my practice as a social worker has allowed me to learn how to hold space in a way that is inclusive of people from all walks of life. My own practice of improvised dance in sacred space (primarily 5Rhythms) over the last ten years has allowed me to connect deeply with my intuition and spiritual guides; this connection supports me in tending to the energetic needs of the space and group.

I provide open and non-specific guidance to support you in journeying through your imagination to a dream or trace-like state. In trace-like states it becomes easier to explore the landscapes of your inner world and the energy of your chakras. Each workshop I support you to take an inner journey. I hold space for dropping in to your world within, exploring the landscapes of your chakra and anchoring new found insights back to everyday reality.

My guidance supports you to engage in your own way; you may see images in your minds eye, hear insights, tap into feelings or experience sensations that help to create a rich and meaningful experience of the landscape of each chakra. From within this landscape your spontaneously movement, your dance, unfolds.

I offer suggestions to support you in leaving behind the world of the everyday; that often requires thinking and mental exploration. Dropping  into the world of your body instead through feeling and sensing. By journeying to enter a dream or trance-like state you begin to drop the mind chatter. In this dream-like state you simply invite and allow your body to “be”.

Allow your body to feel, allow that feeling to breathe, allow your breath to move you in dance  and allow your body to sense the meaning of one movement and feel into the beginning of the next movement. Like any meditation it becomes easier with practice and I hold space in a way that consistently reminds you to gently keep dropping into the body and the breath.

I support you to “anchor” the experience of your dance. Through the creation of your own personal mandala drawing, holding space for spoken reflection and a closing meditation  you are invited to “anchor” your experience of your dance so that any newly found insights can be integrated into your everyday life.