Monthly CHAKRADANCE™ Journeying Cycle

The Journeying Cycle consists of seven workshops, each offering a deeper experience of the 7 major chakras. This series has been designed for participants who are ready for deep inner transformational work. Discover all the facets of who you are, gain clarity and insight, and reconnect with your true, authentic self. As your outer world shifts into alignment with your inner world, be open to further discovering and empowering your true path and purpose.

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We will begin with a meditation on the chakra we are focusing before our brief warm up  dance through each chakra. CHAKRADANCE™ is a personal dance practise that is more like a movement meditation allow our bodies to spontaneously move with music created to resonate with each chakra.

We dance in a candlelit space, with our eyes closed and remain within during the hour long dance focusing on one chakra per month. At the completion of the dance we create mandala art by allowing our drawing freely flow as we capture the essence of our dance.

We will briefly share in our circle our experience of the dance to close our circle. There will be plenty of time for a cup of tea and connection with community afterwards.