Giselle Di Paolo is a qualified social worker, kinesiologist and certified CHAKRADANCE™ facilitator with over ten years experience working with groups and individuals. She is passionate about how working with dance, music, art and chakras can help deepen your connection to your true self and help bring greater health and balance to your life.

The first time I stepped into a conscious movement dance class, I felt I’d come home to myself. Each week I delved deeper into myself to find my unique expression. Dance has become my spiritual practice and has steered me through some of my most challenging times.

Over the last ten years, I have truly come to understand that what happens on the dance floor is a mirror of what is happening in my life.

My first experience of Chakradance was in my living room, I realized the potency of going deeply within through each Chakra doorway. The archetypes inherent in Chakradance, mandala art and music took me into new and uncharted territory within. I am in awe of the many layers Natalie Southgate (Creator of  CHAKRADANCE™ )has woven into this practice and I am excited to share it with you.

Giselle offers Full Moon CHAKRADANCE™ Circles and Monthly Journeying Cycles in Brisbane Australia. Giselle is available to offer CHAKRADANCE™ Awakening Cycles for groups, minimum 9 participants, at your venue or home.