About Giselle Di Paolo

I aim to create contained spaces for you to engage in self exploration through movement; I offer my work as a social worker in private practice committed to supporting you to move with what is in order to restore and rejuvinate.

I draw on my experience and training in movement based practices and group work to weave together and harness the collective power of community created each time we gather in groups and move. The invitation is to move with what is in each moment; allowing your insights to arise, body to relax and release and emotions to be tended to spontaneously from deep within the connection of body, heart and brain.

For me restorative movement is a way to integrate my experiences;  brain, body and heart.  To shake out unhelpful thoughts, allow my emotions to move freely and give my body time to release and relax. Most importantly; it is a way for me to access my own inner wisdom in my dance with life.


Photo credit David Egan.

Left to right; Sarah Dunston (Music Therapist), Giselle Di Paolo (Restorative Movement Social Work Practitioner) and Nienke Berghuis (Sound Healer and Mantra Enthusiast).