Seize the day

Getting to dance (a 5Rhythms Class) tonight was a challenge; I could feel myself sinking into the couch but managed to seize the opportunity and head to 5rhythms to dance with a solid tribe of people. Feeling the clearness and clarity inside and out; that for me only comes from dancing. Dancing is  my direct connection to big love and leaves me feeling loved and nourished.

It was well worth the effort of getting there; seizing the moment to do the things I know nourish me (like dancing) often takes me to considering “what if this was your last night ever”?

Although a little dark I have come to use the skill of consciously reminding myself that the reality is; each moment could be my last and that the cocoon created in daily life that death is some distant far off experience (while comforting) is not the truth.

Each day could be my last and when I’m on the couch, sinking in, and about to give up on what nourishes me I use the this truth to spur me on and help me seize the day. Seizing every opportunity to dance really is my personal shortcut to health and contentment.