The Dance asks;
Let me carry you?

Let me hold you in your shadow,
let me bathe you in your light.
Let me move you from your limbs
to deep down in your soul.

The Dance asks;
let me carry you?

Across the rivers of your wisdom,
through the vast waters of your love.
Let me move your from your small stream
into welcoming oceans of your ancestry.

The dance asks;
let me carry you?

Until you know the rhythms of your rebirth
and your heart hears its own beat.
Until your body is your release
and your spirit is free.

The dance asks;
Let me carry you?

And so you let go

Let go of perfection and follow your impulses
Let go of doubt and follow your wisdom within
Let go of fear and follow your spontaneity
Let go of tightness and follow your breath
Let go of shame and follow your voice
Let go of knowing and follow your movement

The dance asks;
let me carry you?

So you let go what you can within each moment;
the seeming impossibility of complete surrender
not deterring you from continuing to try.
If your dance carries you only for a moment;
in that moment you will know what it is to fly.

©Giselle Di Paolo

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