Mother lover healer
This knowing bursts open my heart
and makes me completely whole
It shatters my fears
and unveils my tears
It rewinds my years
and places the past in front of me
and the future way behind
So that time is of the moment
and I can be all everyone
has ever seen in me
all at once

The mother, the lover and the healer
which I have been so many times
and again I come to this door
I stand
and again
my deepest longing is to step through the doorway
become what is my destiny
become what has always belonged to me
that which I have forgotten, forsaken and forgiven
again and again

This time with the almighty thunder in my bones
and yesterdays sunshine in my mind
on this dark night
and all the dark nights to come
I will step through
I become
I become everything that is truly me
I am ready I am eager
and I will quell my fear with love.
With a love that explodes my heart
so that it becomes the master of my domain
so that I can continue to love©
again and again

Many more lifetimes may come
and in each one
I will know,
remember, how to love
for I will have stepped through the door
I will stand on the other side
A mother, a lover and a healer
with my heart burst open.

©Giselle Di Paolo

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