We can choose to run through life; with feet lifted from the ground.

Making ourselves busy in order to deny our sensitivity; shielding ourselves from the depths of our feelings.

But when we dare
to stop
and be…

Our run can can become a sacred dance; that plants our feet to the earth step by step.

Our spirits within the anchored home of our bodies can find room to soar again breath by breath.

We can switch our rhythm to divine; making time to caress our hearts and minds with love moment by moment.

With each step, each breath, each caress we allow ourselves to feel more and more. We become able to feel it all; breathe with it all.

Able to hold within all that our sensitivity can reveal to us.
As our sensitivity expands the goddess rises gracefully;
made stronger by each choice we make
to yielding deeper and deeper within.

©Giselle Di Paolo