My love for you has a mind of its own
A flow of its own making
A flavor unique and pure

My love for you takes me to places I’d rather ignore
Places within where the eagle can soar

These places are not easy to traverse but
my love for you takes me there

I love each part of your journey trodden landscape
I love each ache and each ripple of remembering

I love your curves and your confusion
Your honesty and lack of illusion

“My body cannot lie to me”
and so I keep returning

My love for you and where you take me
has a mind of its own

Again and again I come back to you
each time a surprise when I arrive

Each time tinged with the pleasure and pain
of knowing this could be my last visit

Nothing in this place is a given
and everything is a mystery

Yet the mystery keeps calling me again and again
Back to remembering; I love you

©Giselle Di Paolo