If you want to know what Flowing feels like
take an old rubber tube to the top of a gentle sloping hill.
Find a meandering creek
feel the sun on your back as you climb aboard your boat
and kick off from the bank.

Drift, twirl, float and spiral along with the current.
When you reach the bottom of the hill let you feet soak deep into the muddy earth.
Then sprint back to the top to do it all over again in a completely different way.
Because no to dances home are quite the same
but eventually our feet always find the mud.

If you want to know Staccato apply a crisp white glove to each hand.
Attach a whistle to your lips
and march yourself to the middle of the ice to direct the skaters during peak hour.
Blow hard on your whistle at the ones who want to keep going around and around.
This is a contact sport nudge them with those hips, bang them into line.
Use your strength, be clear, make lines.

When your emotions on ice have stoped swirling around your mind
and you have ordered them into your body.
Work them hard from part to place
and don’t forget to keep blowing that whistle.

Cosy up to Chaos by shouting encore after a first kiss
and then diving into your lovers mouth with no thought for breath.
Until you are together under the oceans might force.
Until you’ve gone so far out that the water towers above you
and then plunges you deep below the surface.
Until you are under the waves and time begins to swirl and up becomes south.
Until salt water fills your head and all you can do is cling to your lover,
your dance.

When the ocean spits you out and you’ve washed up onto the sand
Let Lyrical take your hand.
Let it take you to a magical place.
The place where laughter sneaks into the middle of your tears.
The place deep in children’s eyes that can show you life with no fears.

Go to that winning moment, go to that last bite, go to holding hands.
Go to singing along to the radio.
Go to where joy has been your shadow
where bliss has been your blessing
and dance the dance that knows you so.

And when at last the wave begins to sink back into your soul
Let stillness take control.
Stillness knows no words but only the sounds of
Om and Om and Om
you’ll find amongst the space.

These are the Rhythms I’m in love with.
They heal me, stir me, soothe me, taunt me, cheer me.
they carry me and cling to me,
they move me.

©Giselle Di Paolo