Sacral chakra play date: a how to guide

Sacral chakra playdate_ a how to guide..png

I know you may be thinking it can’t be much fun if I have to schedule it but hear me out. Play in the right conditions can really hit the mark and help rejuvenate the energy of our sacral chakra. Yes opportunities can and do arise spontaneously so always being on the look out for opportunities to play is a great strategy. However in our often left brain dominated day-to-day lives waiting for the opportunity to arise can mean we go a long time between plays and miss out on having fun.

So what are the idea conditions that create opportunities for play? Luckily I live with a play expert, my toddler, and here is what I’ve observed:

  • The really deep and soul nurturing play is completely self-directed. Devoid of of anyone making suggestions, giving instructions or even encouraging. Rather its that experience of being buried deep in your own imagination follow your intuition that’s best.
  • Its effortless. Whatever the activity may be the actions required come naturally, easily and require minimal thought.
  • There is no end point, goal or outcome in mind. There is no one to be accountable to when you stop, not even yourself.

With all this in mind it becomes clearer to see why the opportunities for deep soul nurturing play may not arise all to often and why planning a regular playdate may just be the ticket you need for energising your sacral chakra.

How does play relate to your sacral chakra? Without diving in too deep; our sacral chakra is connected to the energy of our divine feminine and feminine energy is deeply nurtured by playing. If we consider the energy of nature as a metaphor for the feminine we can cast our mind to how plant and animals create works of art, patterns and objects of great beauty simply by following their instinctual knowing and being present in the moment. Simply by ‘being’; this is the way of the feminine and each all of us have the quality of the feminine within in us that requires nurturing from time to time.

So how do we go about planning the ultimate sacral chakra playdate?

  1. Block out a least 2 hours. No phone, no interruptions and nothing that needs to be done during that time.
  2. Choose a location that is private and inspirational. Use scent, visuals and sounds to enliven the senses and inspire your spirit.
  3. Chose something you love doing. The list here is endless from the conventional painting (one of my favourites) and playing an instrument to absolutely anything that brings you joy just for the sake of doing it. Here are a few of my other favourites; playing with water in the bath, writing poetry, playing with different looks in my wardrobe. Think about what your loved doing as a child and you’ll be on the right track.

Yes scheduling a time to play can seem like a strange juxtaposition but taking the time to simply following your enjoyment can be deeply nurturing for your sacral chakra and well worth the organising.