Back to basics: Base Chakra 

Back to basics_ base chakra.png

When I think of base chakra my mind comes back to basics. Spending some time reflecting on the habits and beliefs that influence your day-to-day life is a great way to tune into the energy of your base chakra.

Some points of reflection could include:

  • Are you getting adequate sleep and how relaxing is your evening routine?
  • How varied is your diet; are you getting a good variety of fruit and vegetables?
  • What are your beliefs around the way you earn your livelihood and does it still feel right for you?
  • Are there any physical aches, pains or niggles that your’ve been overlooking and how could you best take care of your body?
  • Who are the people in your life that you love and value most; are there ways that you can make spending more time with them a priority?
  • How often do you take timeout to listen to your body, exercise or be in nature; are you overdue for some timeout and self-care?
  • How regularly have you been grounding your energy and connecting to the earth barefoot? When is the last time you dug around the the dirt?

All these questions may support you in tuning into the energy of your base chakra for reflection. Our chakras are multidimensional in nature; each governing a broad range of facets in our lives. It can be overwhelming to reflect on multiple facets at once so consider pondering just one area at a time.

Cycling through the chakras, from base to crown, repeatedly is a great way to tap into the multiple facets of each chakra without becoming overwhelmed by providing bite sized chunks for refection on a regular basis. Over on our Brisbane Chakradance Tribe Facebook group we go LIVE each Wednesday morning at 7am AEST to meditate on one chakra per week; come over and join us if you’d like to tap into the power and support of the collective.