Purpose: how working with your chakras can help

How working with your chakras can help deepen your sense of purpose in life.png

What at this moment stirs your sense of purpose, fills your cup with meaning and provides a guiding star for where you choose to invest your energy? Which chakra(s) does it relate to?

There are aspects of our purpose related to intellect that assist us; planning, communicating about our purpose and often attending to the administration required. Equally stepping out of the mind and into playing and exploring the energy of the chakras helps to keep us connected to the passion, fun and the deeper meaning of our purpose.

Presently I am exploring the idea of ‘my purpose’ related to my heart chakra. It is related on two levels. Firstly I ask the question; what is it that makes my heart sing with joy? Secondly how can I contribute to growing LOVE in the world? Or framed another way what can I do to help transmute lower energy into love energy. These explorations on purpose have helped me get to heart of what I offer in Chakradance classes and workshops.

Here is what you can expect from me:

I will bring my full light, everything that brings me joy will be my invitation to you. Dance, sounding, chanting, poetry, emotions, heart felt connection with Spirit, connection with tribe, playfulness, imagination are the invitations on offer to you within a safe and sacred environment.  You can also expect that I will trust you. Trust that whatever invitation you choose to take up will allow you to transmute the energy that you are ready to let go of. This may be the stress from a busy week, a deeply held feeling of fear from your childhood or a message from Spirit around a shift in perspective. I will trust that you can transmute (change from one form to another) your own energy and support you in doing that on the level feels right for you. I will not try to fix you or even teach you; but I will trust in you.

I have deep gratitude that the waves of my purpose have lapped up onto the shores of my open heart and are gently pulling me into the ocean of exploring the arts of joy and transmutation. 

Knowing that the energy around my purpose if building in my heart chakra at this time allows me to explore some different avenues for understanding my purpose further. I can play with the colours of the heart chakra, often considered to be pink and green through drawing, clothes and in meditations. I can work with heart chakra crystals of rose quartz, jade and water tourmaline. I can explore the element of wind and air related to the heart chakra through focusing on breathing techniques in meditation.

Consider working with the following crystals around discovering or more deeply understanding your purpose. Just meditate on the idea of ‘purpose’ and intuitively tune into which chakra the energy is building at. Then chose a crystal from that chakra that resonates for you and begin to hold that crystal in you meditations around tuning into understanding your purpose in life. Equally you can play with the colour of the chakra to more deeply tune into the chakra. While there are specific colours commonly associated with each chakra; try tuning into your own guidance around this and focus on a colour that feels right for you.

Crystals by Chakra:

Base chakra: Hematite, garnet, bloodstone or onxy.
Sacral Chakra: Moonstone, golden topaz or carnelian
Solar plexus chakra: Citrine, sunstone or yellow tourmaline
Heart chakra: Malachite, watermelon tourmaline or jade.
Throat chakra: aquamarine, sodalite or blue obsidian.
Third Eye chakra: lepidolite, purple fluorite or lapis lazuli.
Crown chakra: white jade, clear quartz or selenite.