The A(Wake)ening_ Throat Chakra Healing

This week I’ve been focusing on throat chakra and it has coincided with me experiencing a sharp pain across the top of my back and neck on the right hand side of my body. So is it just a coincidence that it is in the area associated with throat chakra? Have I just been spending too much time at my keyboard? Or is my body communicating with me using one of its last resorts, pain? Have I been ignoring more subtle communication about actions I need to take to bring more balance to my throat chakra? I decided to investigate by setting some time aside to tune into my body.

I put my toddler to bed, closed the guest bedroom door and cranked up some throat chakra music. I danced and sounded spontaneously by following my intuition. It was only a 10 minute dance but as I sat quietly at the end the realisation flowed through:  poetry. I’ve been harbouring a secret for a while; I write poems. Dance and poetry have been mystically linked throughout history. I am particularly drawn to the Sufi poets and inspired by their poems that sprung from their devotional dances. Often after dancing the first line of a poem will come to me. I race to find pen and paper to catch the poem as I scribble furiously before its lost. What I write always brings me to tears because it is my Soul speaking directly to me.

The last few months my intuition has been whispering to me to share my poetry with others. To project my unique voice out into the world, very much the realm of the throat chakra. I’ve been resisting by putting the thought to the side for later down the track until recently that nudge from my intuition my have just become a pain in my neck. As I sat with this realisation I promised myself that I would stop putting my poetry to the side and take steps guided by my intuition to share my poems. The next morning the pain had passed. I knew I wasn’t taking anymore sidesteps around sharing my poems. So in the interests of projecting my unique voice into the world and balancing my throat chakra here is my most recent poem.

The A(Wake)ening.

I am writing to inform you that Patriarchy is dead.
We are collectively attending its wake.
We are searching through our Collective Memory
to determine if there are any qualities worth remembering.
As is the case with wakes
we are witnessing the most outrageous versions of Patriarchy.
We always choose larger than life stories to tell as we bury our dead.
We look at each other with eyes of knowing
that while we may still be living within the grips of Patriarchy
it is not our future.

In the days that will follow we will search within for other ways.
Committing to change with the conviction that only death can bring.
The men will begin to know it is OK to cry and they will weep.
The women wail with the sorrowful realisation
of how much was lost and damage done during the waiting.
There will be a mourning not for the old days
but for the humanity that was lost in the process
of waiting to remember the ancient ways.

But we will remember.
We will weep cleansing tears
untangle our insides
readjust our beliefs
and remember the ancient ways.
We will take our Souls to the place before Patriarchy.
We will rebuild new Temples
new communities, new structures
and new beginnings
with the power
of our love.
Love for ourselves
for each other
and for our mother Earth.

Giselle Di Paolo

Chakra work is part of the ancient ways; there is no right or wrong way to work with them because we are all in the process of remembering by following our intuition. I encourage you to tune into the parts of your body that may be experiencing pain and the chakra that is closest to the pain, or the chakra your intuition encourages you to consider., Be open to any realisations that may come from your focused attention through dance, yoga or meditation and follow any intuative guidance.