A new year: Gratitude – Release – Envision

A new year_ Gratitude - Release - Envision

The year seems to be calling us to set visions in place within our minds and hearts about the type of year we want to have; possibly even asking us to set the tone for the next few years. The first two full moons of the year are in signs associated with third eye chakra. We have already had a moon in Cancer this month with a moon in Leo to come next month and a Lunar Eclipse to really ramp up the energy around envisioning the changes we want to see happen in our lives.

Third eye chakra is our own inner screen that we can use to create and play back videos or visions of how we want our lives to be in the future. Our third eye chakra can give us the opportunity to see how things really are in our lives by helping us to see and navigate through our internal state. Like the periscope of a submarine we can dive in deep and get a glimpse of whats really going on on a deeper level in our hearts, minds and bodies.

We are riding the waves of a 1 year in numerology; with the opportunity to set our path for the next 9 year cycle in our hot little hands. So what do we do with all this opportunity to envision and create the lives we want; grab it with both hands, panic, procrastinate, be courageous and tell ourselves the truth about our lives and take bold steps to change what needs to be changed…probably a little bit of all of them.

We do need to think about the practical side of how we are going to progress in small bite sized chunks from where we are to where we want to go but we can easily slip into over thinking this stuff. The act of envisioning however is one that requires feeling and surrendering into what is. Surrendering into how things are right now and accepting ourselves and our lives with every fibre of our being as they are because if we keep denying with our minds our reality we keep ourselves blindsided to really moving forward.

Feeling, accepting and setting our intention to let it go is the beginning of creating our new vision. Not just letting go in our minds but letting our bodies and energy fields shake it off – releasing the energy  of old ways through movement and expression. Letting go with huge amounts of love in our hearts for ourselves, for our patterns, our programming, our fears and our ways of relating because they are us and every part of us needs love in order to grow.

Dancing with love for it all allows us to come to the Universe filled with gratitude for all  our lives have taught and brought us so far. With space within us to welcome in the new and to create a vision within our hearts and minds like a prayer for ourselves we are already grateful to have had answered.