Being a Visionary: Maintaining Inner Sovereignty

Being a Visionary_ Maintaining Inner Sovereignty

A Visionary is commonly described as a person with original ideas about what the future will or could be like. At first thinking about visionaries can lead to thinking about rebels, leaders and revolutionaries throughout history whose original ideas have shaped our times. In truth each one of us carries within us the spark of ideas that are completely original. We each contain millions of original ways of being in a myriad of different circumstances. This makes the concept of a being visionary a more personal one.

We are all able to be our own visionaries. We all have original ideas about how our future could be because each one of us is unique; no two people’s realities (or inner worlds) quite alike. There may be ‘Collective Realities’ (like our families, our workplace or our society) that we may choose to fit in with. However what goes on in our inner world (our hearts and our minds) our family, colleagues and friends are ultimately blind to.

A visionary is someone who realizes this; realizes that their inner world is their own sacred space. A visionary works tirelessly to maintain the sovereignty of that sacred space so their original ideas or true essence can dwell there uncluttered by the ideas of our ‘Collective Realities’.

When we maintain our inner sovereignty we treat our heart and mind space as sacred space; clearing out what is not in our best interests or highest good. Creating an empty protected space within for our true essences or original ideas to just ‘be’. Maintaining inner sovereignty requires us to notice the ways in which unhelpful ideas from our ‘Collective Realities’ are penetrating our inner world. Then like fighter cells in our immune system we meet those reality at the boundaries of our being and defuse, dispel or detour them with our awareness.

Sometimes we are required to journey deep within ourselves to retrieve and release beliefs, ideas and feelings that are making us sick, depressed, enraged, ambivalent or a multitude of other states that may not be serving our highest good.

These deeper journeys are needed because of the many ways we can be required to play by the rule book of our “Collective Realities” and at present many aspects of those rules are not in our highest good. However our inner world does not need to be part of this game. Our inner world can be our own sovereign, original and sacred space.

Our world does not need visionaries in the traditional sense; the times we are living in do not call for one person to be the visionary that leads us all. Our ‘Collective Realities’ will change when we change within. When we make the change to reclaim our inner sovereignty. When we are all our own visionaries; within us are original ideas about what our future could be like.

The times we are living in call on us all to journey within to consistently shake off that which not longer serves our highest good. To let go of beliefs, ideas and feelings that are not aligned with our true essences or true self. To hear the whispering of our true essence guiding our way forward. To be our own visionaries. To find the way forward that is unique for us. The way forward that may not be like others, that may not make sense to our families, that may not bring us the milestones of success that society dictates but rather ways that feel right to us.

When something feels right it is not our mind or our body or our Spirit that is telling us; it is all three. It is that feeling of being alive, being in the right place at the right time, when all three (body, mind and Spirit) are aligned and present in the same moment to form one.

For me this alignment happens when I dance. I am in my body aware of the sensations arising. My mind is absorbed in navigating me through space (both within and without). My dance is spontaneous and free-form allowing my Spirit to be expressed with each one of my original and unique movements. When I dance I am a visionary. I am stirred and shaken. I am emptied. I let go. I can feel my true essences shine from within me. My world within is calm and clear. My inner voice – my inner visionary – speaks to me.

Life however is not lived entirely on the dance floor. One good dance does not permanently distance me from the influences of our ‘Collective Reality’. I  keep dancing and journeying again and again to keep reclaiming my inner world. To keep maintaining my sovereignty and to continue  being my own visionary.

As one of the greats of this world, Gabrielle Roth, said; “Do you have the discipline to be a free-spirit?” or put another way do you have the commitment to maintaining your inner sovereignty?

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