Mantra, music, and movement combine to create a play-shop for the whole family.

Music For Health therapist Sarah Dunston and Arthentic sound healer and mantra enthusiast Nienke Berghuis have joined forces with Restorative Movement Social Work Practitioner Giselle Di Paolo to create an hour-long deep dive into the mysteries of connection with self and others through the power of music and movement.

This is a family-friendly event: children of all ages can join in as we explore stretching, drumming, dancing and sing to the lives sounds of violin, guitar, drums, crystal bowls, and chanting.

This play-shop invites you to engage with what feels good for you; to follow your intuition by allowing the vibration of the music and mantra to guide you. Guidance is provided around activities that may support you to connect with the music (like engaging in stretching, body drumming or chanting for example) you are welcomed to follow your own flow.

Wear clothes that you feel comfortable to move in and bring along your water bottle. All invitations around movement allow each participant to find their own experience; so all abilities are welcome at this family-friendly play-shop.


Every forth Sunday of the month; 22 July, 26 August, 23 September, 28 October and 25 November.

10.30am to 12.00pm (doors open at 10.15am)

At MyDrishti Yoga Studio; 39-41 Balaclava Street, Woolloongabba.

This is a family-friendly event: children of all ages can join in.
Children: FREE
General admission: $15
Concession: $10 (Students, seniors and unwaged)

This event is a community fundraiser. 50% of proceeds go to Safe Haven Community; who work to ensure there is always a safe place to stay for people who are at risk of domestic abuse or homelessness.


Nienke Berghuis is an art & sound therapist, based in Ferny Grove.

She facilitates sound baths, mantra & sound meditation classes, art workshops, guitar lessons and more, through her business Arthentic.

Her mission is to assist individuals and groups in connecting with their authentic self. By providing a safe and supportive environment, she encourages people to express themselves in an artistic way.

“Art isn’t about technique – it’s about expressing yourself authentically.” Nienke Berghuis


Sarah Dunston is a registered music therapist, teacher and musician.

Currently, she runs programs in conjunction with primary schools and with other community organisations utilizing the power of music to help children and their primary carers heal from trauma.

She has a passion for group facilitation, finding that the power to heal as a collective is greater than that experienced alone. In her work, Sarah uses a variety of modalities including voice, drumming and instrument play to aide in people’s ability to express the unexpressable.

She observes everyday the power that music has to soothe, to heal and to empower. Her intention behind the sonic scapes of the Blessed workshop is to create a container whereby people have the opportunity to feel both grounded and energized, safe and expanded and are encouraged to express this in whatever way feels comfortable for them.

If you are interested in engaging Sarah in a professional capacity for your school or community organisation, you can contact her via the Music For Health Facebook page.


Giselle Di Paolo is a registered social worker and Restorative Movement Practitioner.

Giselle draws on her experience and training in conscious dance practices and group work to weave together and harness the collective power of community created each time we gather in groups and move.


Photo credit David Egan.

Left to right: Sarah Dunston, Nienke Berghuis and Giselle Di Paolo.